Goodbye Blue Monday
United Kingdom
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Have you ever seen the film Trainspotting? Then you know there is a lot in Scotland to be sad about, and then we didn’t even mention bagpipes and haggis. The guys of Goodbye Blue Monday don’t need anyone of this to spice up the emo-influenced anthems they call ‘misery-punk’ and sing mostly about their own mental health and existential crises. Good for us, they will bring also a thing to be happy of: their debut record! Be prepared for some damn good weltschmerz, packed in explosive songs straight outta Glasgow.

For fans of
Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, Pup

Song to check: Love Is A Noose For Two

Quote: ‘It’s one thing to turn depression into art –it’s another to turn it into barn-burning, explosive punk rock songs.’ – The Indy Review